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What is Chronic Stress & How to Manage it?

Chronic stress is ongoing or for prolonged time periods and can seem never-ending. Chronic stress can be caused by financial concerns, aggressive work environments, family or marital conflict and dysfunction, etc.

It helps to address your stress by working on your stress symptoms as well as understanding how stress affects you.

Rather than trying to avoid and eliminate the stress and the worry, anxiety, and other emotions it can bring, aim to add lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes can include regularly setting boundaries, exercising, eating healthy, engaging in beloved hobbies, practicing mindfulness, reducing social media usage, using humor, and having meaningful social engagement. As chronic stress is constant and gradual, it only makes sense to be constant

and gradual with your lifestyle changes as well.

And combined with therapy, you can get help to take charge of your stress and build resilience. As the poet Robert Frost said, “The best way out is through.”

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