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Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety, on the surface, may appear as the consequence of our fast paced urban life. The constant stress of trying to keep up with expectations – be it family, professional or social can be extremely tiring.

Some amount of stress is a good thing, it can help us stay alert and give us that much needed boost of energy to get the job done. However, too much stress can have extremely negative health consequences.

What is Anxiety ?

Anxiety is more than being stressed out, it is a feeling of fear, dread, and uneasiness that does not go away and can get worse over time.

What does Anxiety feel like?

The physical symptoms of anxiety include rapid heartbeat, unexplained aches and pains, dizziness, sinking feeling in the stomach, nausea and shortness of breath

The mental symptoms of anxiety include a feeling of impending doom and loss or lack of control over a situation.

What causes Anxiety ?

While the exact cause varies from person to person, there are several factors that play a big role such as genetics, brain biology and chemistry, stress, social and physical environment.

What are some treatment options for Anxiety Disorder?

Medication: Depending on the type and intensity of your anxiety disorder, your doctor may prescribe you antidepressants.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: CBT teaches you different ways of thinking and behaving. It can help you change how you react to the things that cause you to feel fear and anxiety.

There are several books and technology solutions that incorporate CBT to help you in your journey to address your anxiety disorder.

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project helps you take a break from the world of likes, shares and forwards, it urges you to disconnect from the chaos in your world and pushes you to take a moment to understand and prioritise the wellbeing of the most important person in your life - YOU!

The Happiness Project equips you with a wide array of tools right from daily mindfulness workouts and CBT based self therapy modules all the way to helping you choose the right therapist for your unique wellbeing journey.

Go on, make your wellbeing a priority!

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