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5 Tips To Enhance Your Mental Health & Wellbeing

Self care and wellbeing takes time and consistency to see results.

Wellbeing has a physical and mental component. Just like when it comes to physical wellbeing, we have a few home remedies and self care routines to tackle some not so serious physical ailments, so too with mental wellbeing, we can establish a selfcare routine to keep our mental wellbeing in check.

Here are 5 tips to get your mental wellbeing game on point:

Stay active

It is very important to be physically active because movement promotes both physical and mental wellbeing. Try to incorporate a physical activity in your daily routine - you can hit the wellness jackpot by making it an outdoor activity with friends or family.

Make social connection — especially face-to-face — a priority

While WhatsApp and Instagram help you keep in touch with your friends and family, nothing can match the wellness and stress busting benefits of physically meeting your friends and loved ones in person. Social connections help keep anxiety, depression and stress at bay.

Make leisure and contemplation a priority

Leisure time is a necessity for emotional and mental health. Take some time to relax, contemplate, and pay attention to the positive things as you go about your day — even the small things. Write them down if you can, because they can be easy to forget. Then you can reflect on them later if your mood is in need of a boost.

Eat a brain-healthy diet to support strong mental health

The Indian diet is such a wholesome meal plan, eat as many local fruits and vegetables in your meal. Try to incorporate foods that can support your mood such as fatty fish rich in omega-3s, nuts ,walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, beans, leafy greens, spinach, and fresh fruit.

Get help if you need it

An important thing to note is, just as we wouldn't dismiss a physical ailment as nothing and wouldn’t hesitate to consult with a professional, so too with mental wellbeing, we must recognize when we need professional help and seek it without hesitation.

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