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THAP, also known as The Happiness Project , is India's best mental wellness app that enables users to  manage stress, anxiety, depression and a wide array of mood disorders from the comfort of your home.

What we do 

THAP is a mental wellness App that  equips users with mental wellbeing  tools such as meditation, self awareness exercises, self therapies and access to qualified counsellors . 

Vetted by qualified clinical psychologists and licensed psychiatrists, THAP is designed to help you understand and address your unique mental wellbeing needs from the comfort of your home in a safe and judgement free space.

Join us in our mission to normalise  making mental wellbeing a priority!


Our Story

THAP was created with the mission to normalise conversations around mental health and create a thriving ecosystem that promotes mental wellbeing in a safe and judgement free space.


We hope to change the narrative around mental health and ensure that everyone has access to mental health resources from the comfort of their homes.


We believe that even one life lost due to lack of access to mental health resources is one life too many. THAP is the result of an effort to democratise mental health resources and raise awareness  about  mental health  and the available resources.

We hope you enjoy using THAP as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you!

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Our Creators 


Tintisha  Sagar 


Natasha  Sagar 


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